Window illustration for nexus24 Creative Marketing Agency, Edinburgh.
For outside the new nexus24 Edinburgh office, they didn’t want your run-of-the-mill branding and signage. They wanted something that visually told a story of what we do without the need for a narrative. The general concept behind the illustration was to represent all the different elements of the studio that make up the nexus24 team.

As nexus24s in house illustrator, I decided the best way to do this was to create 5 characters, each one representing the different skill sets of our team. 
So we’ve got the zen worker for client services, the thinker for art direction and copy and the director is a nod to our production wing of the company, n24 Productions. The spark represents our creativity and the grafter - which applies to every single one of us - typifies our hard-working ability to create the very best work for our clients.

We’re big film fans in the studio so I threw in at least 10 references to films and filmmakers
we’ve all been inspired by. See if you can spot them all.
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